Thursday, May 27, 2010

Honda VTX1300R

Honda VTX1300R: Cruiser Motorcycle

Price: Starting from $9,999

It’s not easy categorizing a motorcycle as classically cool and feature-packed as the VTX1300R, so we like to go with performance-retro. Take a closer look and we think you’ll agree. Check out the burly 1312cc V-twin engine and staggered dual exhaust complete with mandatory throaty growl. Now shift your gaze to the deeply valanced fenders, chrome-hooded headlight, tank-mounted instruments, pullback handlebar, and floorboards with an old-school heel-toe shifter. All that, and Honda’s incomparable fit, finish, and overall quality. This is one great bike!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Honda VTX1300C

VTX1300C: Cruiser Motorcycle

Price: Starting from $9,899

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to turn back the clock? Well, here’s your chance, courtesy of Honda’s classic VTX1300C. Fire up the big 1312cc V-twin and soak in the throaty exhaust note playing from the two-into-two, bullet-style mufflers. Then nudge it into gear, hook up that beefy rear tire and experience what it’s like to be the baddest boy on the block. Custom cast wheels, bobbed fenders and just the right amount of chrome merely complete the VTX’s street-rod mission profile, while four brilliant new colors make sure your ride isn’t just bad, but beautiful too. Best of all, since it’s a Honda, you know there'll be less maintenance and more time riding.

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