Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lexus LF-A ......... 2

The Lexus LFA is a 2-seat exotic sports coupe produced by Lexus as a concept car, It is the second model in the F marque line of performance vehicles from Lexus, following the IS F. Three concept versions have been shown, each debuting at the North American International Auto Show with the LF-A designation as part of the LF Series concept line. The first LF-A concept premiered in 2005, followed in 2007 by a second LF-A with a more completely furnished interior and exterior. The third version of the LF-A, a roadster model, premiered in 2008. The production model, trademarked LFA, was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2009. The production Lexus LFA features a new V10 engine and a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) body. CFRP materials account for 65 percent of the LFA's body composition by mass.
Class:                          Sports car
Body style:                 2-door coup, 2-door roadster
Layout:                       Front-mid-engine, rear-mid-transaxle, rear-wheel drive
Engine:                       4.8 L 1LR-GUE V10
Transmission: 6-speed Automated Sequential Gearbox
Wheelbase:                102.6 in
Length:                       177.4 in
Width:             74.6 in
Height:                        48 in
Curb weight:               1,480–1,580 kg

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