Monday, November 17, 2008

Yamaha Bikes - 1

Rajdoot bike, I don’t think anyone might remembers this bike by Yamaha. We don’t see Rajdoot bike on road now a days. It is mainly because company itself stops manufacturing these particular bikes. But once upon a time in 90’s and before that this was the most popular bike in India. It was favorite for Indian masses It was of course the time when Yamaha was the biggest and almost only company making Motorcycles. This was before other companies hit the market and mainly Hero Honda which is a leader in Motor cycle market.

Most important characteristic of Rajdoot bike’s was they were tough and highly durable, excellent load carrying capacity and above all gives high value for money. That’s why it was perfect match for Indian roads as well as Indian middle class people.

It was a total economy bike because of its low running cost, easy serviceability and high re-sale value at that period of time. So it was win – win situation for the owner.

If we talk about technical specification, it was 2 stroke 170 cc bike with kick start. Fuel tank capacity of 11.4 ltr

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