Friday, February 18, 2011

Aprilia Mana 850

expected Price in India: 311500 INR.
The Mana is a mid-displacement sports motorcycle with engine mapping modes and a unique Gear System that allows automatic or semi-automatic control of the drive system for sports performance.
Part of the massive Piaggio Group, the origins of Aprilia date back to just after the Second World War, when its founder, Alberto Beggio, established a factory in Noale, province of Venice, to manufacture bicycles.
The products of this small workshop laid the foundation for innovation, quality and technological capabilities that have become Aprilia trademarks.

Initially shown at the 2006 EICMA Milan Bike Show, the Aprilia Mana 850 was released as a 2007 model in Europe and has now made its way across the pond as the 2009 Aprilia 850 Mana.
Giving Aprilia its due, this is not a concept machine like those currently being shown by many other manufacturers, but a well-designed and finely executed two-wheeler that looks, feels and handles like an extremely competent mid-displacement sports motorcycle.
Although admittedly less hard-edged than its smaller sibling the 750 Shiver, the Mana has all the performance and handling goodies found on other sports-oriented Aprilia models.  Aprilia is renowned for its sports machines and the Mana does nothing to change detract from that reputation.


The Aprilia Mana 850 is unusual in that it features a manual/auto gearbox. The Mana 850's transmission can be switched between a manual 7 speed gearboxes. That is controlled via handlebar mounted buttons, and a CVT (Continually Variable Transmission). And auto with three modes which are sport, touring and rain covering all scenarios. 'Sport' keeps the engine speed near its peak power. 'Touring' lowers the revs slightly to conserve fuel. And the 'Rain' setting reduces torque to lower the chance of any wheel spin. The Aprilia Mana 850's unconventional gearbox is connected to a new 850 cc V-twin developing 75 horsepower and 56 ft lbs of torque, controlled via an electronic drive-by-wire throttle. The Aprilia Mana 850 also features a large helmet storage compartment where the fuel tank is normally found.

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