Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gemballa Mirage GT

Gemballa claimed that its Mirage concept was capable of producing a Veyron-like 1000hp and could reach a theoretical top speed of 400km/h, with the sprint to 100km/h taking less than 3.5 seconds. With the Gemballa body, the Mirage GT looks like it is planning to enter the Le Mans 24-hour race. The most conspicuous change to the front are the additional air intakes on the new front spoiler. The cost of the comprehensive conversion, which can only be carried out by Gemballa, starts from EUR 229,800.
• 30-40 HP Power
• Exhaust System with 4 Tailpipes in special alloy design

Wheel set:
• Wheel Set GEMBALLA GT SPORT 19“ / 20“
FA: 9,5 x 19“ Tires 265 / 35 ZR 19
RA: 12,5 x 20“ Tires 335 / 30 ZR 20

• New middle console with integrated stereo system, 6.5“ screen and touchscreen info-system
• Carbon frame in center middle console with logo GEMBALLA MIRAGE GT No. XXX
• Carbon frame blends in the front dashpanel section L / R
• Dashpanel front blends around the front windshield in Alcantara
• Shiftknob in carbon
• Silver inlets in the doors L / R covered in Alcantara
• Door openers painted black
• 340 mm Steering Wheel, leather, grip area L / R in Alcantara
• Door logos MIRAGE GT
• Airbag covers in Alcantara
• Roof covers in Alcantara
Additional installed Options
• Additional driving lights
• Rear View Camera System
• Mash Grills of Engine Bonnet and Rear Skirt colored black
• Tailpipes Plasma coated
• Complete color change
• Design Exterior Carbon Package
Interior Options:
• Carbon Seatblends upper section L / R
• Leather Interior BICOLOR

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