Monday, April 11, 2011

Maintainance of Bikes

·        You need to regularly check Tyres condition and air pressure. Optimum air pressure in the Tyres is very important for maximum road grip, stability, riding comfort and longevity of the Tyres. Both under-inflated and over-inflated Tyres can be troublesome. While under-inflated Tyres wear unevenly, adversely affect handling, and more likely to fail from being overheated, over inflated tyres make the motorcycle ride more harshly, and more prone to damage from surface hazards, and wear unevenly. Check your tyres for cuts and scrapes on your tires, which could cause a blowout. Also check the tyre treads once a week and have the wheels balanced and the alignment checked if the wear is uneven.
·        Engine oil plays a very important role in ensuring smooth operation and maintenance of the bike. Maintaining a correct engine oil level is important. If possible check engine oil level each day before operating the two–wheeler. Oil level should be between upper and lower marks. Top up engine oil if required. Check for oil leakage.
·        Clean the two-wheeler body surface regularly to maintain the surface finish. Before cleaning the motorcycle, ensure that the ignition switch unit, H.T. Coil and silencer are covered using plastic sheets.
·        Clean the motorcycle using low-pressure water. All painted surfaces should be washed only with water, as kerosene or detergent could damage the paint.
·        The motorcycle battery needs periodical maintenance to ensure a long and trouble free life. Check the electrolyte level against the top and bottom markings on the battery shell. Always top up with distilled water whenever required. Check for any leakage from battery. In case of non-use of motorcycle for long time, battery should be kept fully charged and electrolyte level should be at Top mark.
·        Clean spark plug regularly. Every 750 km for two-stroke bike and every 1,500 km for four-stroke bike. Clean spark points (electrodes) with emery paper.
·        Keep carburettor clean. Every 1500 km, clean out the carburettor float chamber and other parts. Clean jets by forcing compressed air through them.
·        Keep both brakes properly spaced. Keeping them too tight or too loose can be dangerous. Brakes should be tightened as per the rider’s personal style and requirement.
·        Check cables regularly for kinks, bends and frayed ends. Especially check ends. If one or more strands appear broken, replace immediately.

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